Practice Charter

Our Responsibilities

  • We aim to promote good health and encourage prevention of disease.
  • Our aim is to treat all our patients with respect and therefore we expect our patients to treat all our staff in the same manner.
  • We will endeavour to maintain patients’ medical records up to date and will respect patients’ right of access to same.
  • We offer annual reviews on medication, asthma, CHD, diabetics, mental health and learning disabilities. If you have been advised by a clinician to complete an annual review, please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic.
  • We offer clinics for ante/post-natal, child immunisation, cervical smears, CHD, COPD, diabetes, asthmatic, flu, travel advice including travel vaccinations.
  • If any of our clinics need to be cancelled we will try wherever possible to give at least 24 hours notice.
  • We will endeavour as a team to see you as close as possible to your allotted appointment time, however please bear in mind that there will be occasions when this is not possible.

How You Can Help us

  • It is the patients’ responsibility to keep their appointments and to inform us as early as possible if unable to attend. Please use our Cancel an Appointment triage.
  • Patients need to inform us of any past medical history, hospital admissions and any other details they feel relevant to be documented in their records.
  • When making appointments, please be aware that the doctors can only see one patient per consultation, if more than one patient i.e. family members needs to be seen a further appointment must be requested.
  • Treatment facilities are better at the surgery please do not request a home visit unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do not for any reason share your medication with anybody else. In doing so, this could prove to be dangerous.
  • A&E visits and out of hours services should only take place when urgent medical attention is required. Out of hours services should not be used to gain a second opinion.
  • If you should have any difficulties within the practice, the practice manager would appreciate if this is brought to her immediate attention.